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Meet the Guide

Domenic Paniccia is an A.C.A. Level 2 certified kayak instructor who is also a well-versed, experienced fisherman when it comes to Kayak fishing in North East Florida. He has been fishing for several years and has helped others catch their dreams year after year. 

Domenic is a Pro Staff Member of: Hagan Coastal Outfitters, Costa Sunglasses, Temple Fork Outfitters and a Murray Ford Superstore ambassador. He is also a member of the Hobie fishing team!

Inshore fishing is an incomparable experience and allows a true connection to what fishing is all about.  

Knowing the appropriate areas and times to fish is only part of the battle. Having the right gear and knowing the right baits is a large part of the equation as well. Being able to combine all of this and deliver it is something only an experienced guide like Domenic is able to do. 

The species of fish that are caught on a daily basis include: Redfish, Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, Shark, Snook, Sheepshead and more!

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